For any blockchain that hard forks, its philosophy may eventually suffer the same fate as political promises. The problem is, people change, and no matter by whom, it's people who decide about hard forks.

We've seen coins like ETC abandoning the conservative notion of immutability, or trading scalability with originally promised small block size. Frankly, nothing is either there to enforce the notion of total supply or the promise of staying PoW, because people come and go.

I do still think blockchain philosophy is important, but I don't think it works for hard fork coins. For them, it's a dead end. Any promise or philosophy, if ever made, must be enforceable on the protocol level. Therefore for any hard fork coins, it's just buzzwords.

For hard fork coins, the approach is to stop talking about philosophy and simply drive forward, until the day when it's stable enough to stop hard forking. What's left then will be the actual philosophy of the blockchain, and that's when we can start talking about it again.