's Seeker Camp runtime upgrade has passed referendum voting. It is scheduled to activate at block #152,640!

Kulupu historical block difficulty chart since the beginning of the second era.

Today, both OpenEthereum and MultiGeth have announced deprecation of $ETC support. With those two clients still collectively share around 70% of the total $ETC network node count, this is a PSA to ask $ETC users to take appropriate actions.

Somehow corepaper triggered Google's "featured snippets" on the search term "substrate wrapper block". No idea how, but it's surely quite interesting.

It has been more than 5 years since I started using . Not sure if there's another software that has influenced my workflow as much as it does.

The first online upgrade of kulupunetwork has activated successfully on era 1 block #41760. Code-named Sky Island 68, we're now entering runtime version 4!

Index 129 with prefix 16 results in the SS58 address "6YYY". I challenge everyone to find better indices than this! 😁

Sassafras, BADASS BABE, HABE, SASSY, or whatever you want to call this new consensus engine in !

Running Casper FFG consensus on Substrate! (Epoch length is 4, and minimal attestation inclusion delay is removed.)

Hyrum's Law applies to and EVM design:

With a sufficient number of users of an API,
it does not matter what you promise in the contract:
all observable behaviors of your system
will be depended on by somebody.

(Image from xkcd webcomic, CC BY-NC)


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