Polkadot treasury call for proposals

In this toot thread, I list some (often bite-sized) treasury proposals that I really want to see in the Polkadot community. Like the saying goes, a good proposal is usually one that surprises us. However, if you are looking for some inspirations, here you go!

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Polkadot treasury call for proposals -- build a Mastodon community

There is currently no concentrated community in Mastodon specifically for Polkadot, so we need to build one! News needs to be bridged from Twitter regularly, and efforts have to be made to create the community. Using a cryptocurrency, you may as well want to make more things in your life decentralized!

Polkadot treasury call for proposals -- offline wallet tooling that does not rely on the browser

Something like Bitcoin's Electrum, or Monero's CLI wallet. A good way to improve security is to reduce the attack surface. Browsers can do too many things, and for a wallet, it is bad.

Polkadot treasury call for proposals -- manual collection of validator information

NPoS relies heavily on nominators' building trusts with validators. Many wallets provide certain "scores" for validators. However, there are only so much you can do with automated scores, and they must be accompanied with manually collected information to be complete. This is what this CFP is about -- manually asking validators about why they can be trusted -- node setups, fees, postmortems, etc.

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