The project must now learn how to form a leaderless community. It has been so long that nearly all burdens of marketing, community building and governance tasks being on just a handful of individuals. This is not sustainable.

This leaderless community cannot function without a rational user base. So this is the first thing that has to be done -- promote fact-checking and transparency. and correct any misinformation posts (especially those ones that are positive) from now on.


We should also post more educational materials on what "decentralization" means. It's a bad sign if people still ask permissions when doing anything, if there is no autonomy other than from developers in the community, and if people feel surprised by the openness of marketing.

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has so many methods and ways that you can easily climb up the "voice ladder" and get yourself heard. You can join the Kulupu council, post democracy referendums, and even, our kulupunetwork official Twitter account is shared. Not many have used them at all.

There will always be a tendency towards centralization, as shown in the real world. Kulupu cannot succeed if it does not have resistance towards that tendency. A blockchain should keep being leaderless and decentralized.

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