Mastodon instance upgraded to v3.2.0 on!

In the light of the recent Twitter hack, here's a reminder that can be more secure. Decentralization means social engineering attacks are far more difficult to be carried out.

Runtime upgrade "Red Coast Base" now enters 's democracy referendum queue!

To learn more about why we have decided to deprecate support, please read this blog post.

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Today, both OpenEthereum and MultiGeth have announced deprecation of Ethereum Classic support. With those two clients still collectively sharing around 70% of the total network node count, this is a PSA to ask ETC users to take appropriate actions.

Somehow triggered Google's "featured snippets" on the search term "substrate wrapper block". No idea how, but it's surely quite interesting.

Kulupu v1.2.0 release preparing for the Red Coast Base runtime upgrade!

Probably the most significant change of and Ethereum Classic relation is that it's of a much less hot topic to talk about ETC in . As someone involved in both sides lately I do see the reasons -- ETC is just much less of a threat, so nothing hurts any more to cooperate.

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In the old days when I was still involved in Ethereum Classic, it had a complete standalone VM, an independent core protocol codebase, and developers who primarily worked on the Ethereum Classic blockchain to drive it forward.

Today on the contrary, it relies heavily on helping hands from developers who primarily work on , massive forking of codebase, and "interoperability". It even trades its principles (immutability / code-is-law) for this.

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I'm old enough to remember something called "Flippening 2.0" of and Ethereum Classic. The only thing that has changed is that the number is now ~2.7%, instead of ~7.1%.

It has been more than 5 years since I started using . Not sure if there's another software that has influenced my workflow as much as it does.

Signal my intent to validate on the network. This is a validator service proudly deployed with !

WKD public key discovery is now supported for my email address!

gpg --locate-keys --auto-key-locate clear,nodefault,wkd

A different roadmap (such as staying PoW) is not a good reason to cause the split *right now*. The split should happen at the last possible point when Ethereum finally moves to PoS.

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The main rationale is that after ETC intentionally breaks several smart contracts on-chain, it has become essentially the same thing as Ethereum, even in terms of immutability. Without the distinguishing factor of immutability, supporting ETC becomes a breach of majority consensus with no good reasons, and thus against the ethics and principles of maximizing consensus and user choices.

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I have decided to deprecate my support of Ethereum Classic (ETC). I explained my reasoning in this final post of "Classic in Orbit" blog.

The new holy war -- in org mode, do you prefer lowercase or uppercase for structural blocks?

`#+BEGIN_SRC`, `#+BEGIN_QUOTE`, or `#+begin_src`, `#+begin_quote`?

Actor-based smart contracts, a much safer asynchronous model for executing smart contracts, compared with Ethereum's synchronous model.

Contract calls are evil. Many past Ethereum issues, (like theDAO callstack overflow, EIP-1884/1283 backward compatibility), are all fundamentally due to contract calls. By replacing this concept with message passing, we make contracts harder to misuse and easier to reason about.

The thing I hate most when playing any video games — choose a character name.

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