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Important APT security update - please read the instructions to upgrade APT safely

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A patch release for libsecp256k1 that enables der_lax decoding for signatures.

Just got a new social page for multi-geth project. And thank you ETC Labs Core for helping to maintain it! is now updated to run Mastodon 2.7!

Hyrum's Law applies to and EVM design:

With a sufficient number of users of an API,
it does not matter what you promise in the contract:
all observable behaviors of your system
will be depended on by somebody.

(Image from xkcd webcomic, CC BY-NC)

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I also have a Scuttlebutt account, where I'm usually more active:


The recent EIP-1283 incident really taught me a lot about consensus, communication, backward compatibility, and all the extra considerations we need to be careful about when upgrading a system. Thanks to all Ethereum teams, the reaction was fast, and the new Constantinople hard fork is under its way!

How great would it be if we have federated Github.

Just created a gitter room for multi-geth. Join the chat there if you need any support! $ETH $ETC

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a website that plays you radio streams from a location on earth where the sun is rising (the station changes every few minutes)

Using a custom hook with Postfix, you can convert all newsletter emails to RSS feeds. Saves a lot of time getting all emails done every day.

Wow and the GNU social and Mastodon communication issue was resolved.

If you have a high-availability server, where service restart / reboot downtime cannot be ignored, then keeping a NixOS instance updated is not a easy task..

Code clean-up for Rux microkernel is finished. No more warnings compiling against Rust nightly!

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